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Entendre Partners with Rain

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TL;DR Due to the complex nature of digital assets, Web3 teams are looking for efficient solutions to streamline their internal financial processes. Rain offers corporate cards for companies utilizing digital assets through physical and virtual credit cards. And now with the integration of Entendre and Rain, Web3 teams can automate the accounting of user's corporate card expenses and on-chain collateral funding.

Automating Accounting for Rain Customers

Rain's customers, while enjoying the benefits of expense management with digital assets, also require accurate accounting for their transactions and assets made on-chain. Each operational transaction requires a corresponding journal entry for comprehensive tracking and bookkeeping. Entendre offers accounting support, catering to multiple expense accounts and categories, tailored to customer requirements across multiple legal entities. This makes Entendre a perfect fit for Rain, empowering them to provide exceptional operational support for their customers.

The Power of Integration

Entendre's integration with Rain brings a new level of efficiency to corporate card expense management. With a seamless import of physical and virtual card transactions, Entendre's powerful ledger posting engine ensures real-time tracking of financial activities. By connecting to popular general ledger platforms like Quickbooks or Xero, Web3 teams can seamlessly complete the financial loop and have a comprehensive view of their financial health.

Key Features of the Integration

  1. Comprehensive Transaction Import: The integration facilitates the smooth importing of both fiat and crypto transactions processed by Rain, ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial records.
  2. Customized Ledger Posting: Entendre's robust ledger posting engine allows customers to create conditions based on card, merchant, and more, tailoring the accounting process to their specific needs.
  3. Seamless General Ledger Integration: Customers can easily integrate Rain's expense data at a detailed or aggregate level into their existing general ledger using Quickbooks or Xero, simplifying financial management.

With Entendre's automated accounting services, Rain's customers can now access an easy, efficient, and accurate process of tracking their expenses. Book a demo with Entendre to learn more.