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Entendre Receives $15,000 Grant from Covalent

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We are excited to announce that Entendre has been selected to receive a $15,000 grant from the Covalent team! This is great product validation that we are on the right track!

What Covalent does to power our project today

At Entendre, we leverage Covalent's powerful API infrastructure for seamless integration with popular blockchain networks. Specifically, we integrate with chains such as Solana, Avalanche, and Binance Smart Chain. This integration allows us to provide a comprehensive and real-time view of user positions, catering to the needs of our diverse customer base, which includes hedge funds and DeFi projects.

How this grant will help further Entendre

The grant will enable us to implement integration with additional chains, including ZKSync, Linea, Scroll, Mantle, Zora, and more. This expansion will not only broaden our project's reach but also enhance the overall experience for our users.

We aim to build more features by tapping into Covalent's rich APIs. Specifically, we plan to utilize token balances to provide a real-time view of users' positions. This will contribute to a more dynamic and comprehensive user experience on the Entendre platform.

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