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Entendre Partners with Maple to Automate Accounting for Institutional Digital Asset Lending

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TL;DR: Entendre Finance and Maple partner to streamline accounting processes for decentralized finance (DeFi) transactions. This partnership integrates Entendre's accounting platform with Maple's lending solutions, enabling institutions to automate the recording of transactions and ensure accuracy in their financial operations.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Maple Finance to streamline accounting processes for DeFi transactions. Entendre is the only AI accounting platform for Web3 to automate accounting for DeFi activities like staking, yield farming, and now lending pools. 

Automating Accounting for Maple

Maple is a leading platform for digital asset lending. However, to fully leverage these opportunities, accurate accounting is essential. Through this partnership, Entendre's capabilities automate the accounting of transactions within Maple's ecosystem, reducing manual effort and enhancing efficiency.

The Power of Integration

Kareem Khattab, CEO of Entendre, highlights this integration, stating, "Bringing capital markets on-chain is a herculean effort, this includes ensuring all back-office needs are met to keep up with the demand. Entendre has worked side by side with the Maple team to bring an enterprise grade accounting solution to the market." By simplifying accounting tasks, businesses can focus on growth and innovation, confident in the accuracy of their financial records.

Key Features of the IntegrationTwitter - Loop Crypto - Feature Preview (5)

Automate Accounting for Lending:

Accounting for lending on the Maple platform requires detailed tracking of transactions, including deposits, withdrawals, and earned interest income, while ensuring transparency and compliance with regulations. Entendre streamlines record-keeping, accurately capturing all key flows, including deposits, withdrawals, fees, and income. Additionally, borrower transactions, including interest payments and repayments, are automatically accounted for. This comprehensive approach provides businesses with the necessary insights for informed decision-making. 

Getting Started

Integration with Maple's lending platform is seamless, allowing businesses to effortlessly sync transaction data with Entendre's accounting platform. This ensures real-time monitoring of financial activities and facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements. To get started, Maple customers can enter their Maple account information directly on the integrations page in Entendre.


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