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Entendre Finance Integrates with StreamingFast’s Substreams

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We are thrilled to announce our partnership between Entendre and StreamingFast, a leading infrastructure company for processing and indexing blockchain data. This integration enhances the infrastructure supporting The Graph Network, empowering teams to streamline their operations and gain deeper insights into staking data of Indexers on The Graph Network.

What does this mean for The Graph ecosystem?

Entendre's integration with StreamingFast's platform enables seamless access to staking data for Indexers on The Graph Network. This integration enables teams supporting The Graph ecosystem to automatically record the income from the GRT token earned as an Indexer, providing visibility and efficiency in managing their operations.

How does it work?

At the heart of this integration lies Substreams, a powerful indexing technology from StreamingFast. Substreams empowers users to extract data from various blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BNB, and more. It enables users to apply custom transformations to the data and send it to a destination of their choice known as syncs, such as a Postgres database or flat files.

Entendre leverages the capabilities of Substreams to access and query complex on-chain data related to staking and indexing on The Graph Network. This means that Entendre now has full visibility into the deposits, withdrawals, and earnings of GRT for any Indexer that seeks to automate their back-office processes.

"Entendre is a prime example of our vision for a Shared Intelligence Layer. By leveraging composability they've developed an interface adapted to their needs on top of pre-existing modules for popular dapps and integrated the flow of Substreams data into their systems." - Alex, CTO of StreamingFast

Why is this significant?

Prior to this integration, accounting teams faced challenges calculating the income of GRT earned each month from running their Indexer operation. This integration with StreamingFast's Substreams not only automates this process but also provides real-time insights into staking activities, enabling teams to make informed decisions with confidence.

“Accounting teams had to wait to hear back from technical staff to receive a final number that was difficult to reconcile or audit. With StreamingFast’s making the staking revenue data available, Entendre can now automate this process on a daily basis instead of waiting until month-end. This makes reporting and analysis real-time which wasn’t possible before.”              - Kareem, CEO of Entendre Finance

Developer Experience and Collaboration:

Both teams worked closely together to make this new dataset publicly available for the first time using Substreams. The developer experience was seamless, ensuring a smooth integration process and paving the way for future innovations in blockchain infrastructure.

In Conclusion:

By leveraging the power of Substreams, teams can now gain unprecedented visibility and efficiency in managing staking data, ultimately driving greater growth and innovation within The Graph Network. This is a prime example of the Shared Intelligence Layer.

We are excited about the future use cases that this integration unlocks.

Stay tuned for more updates and developments from Entendre and StreamingFast!